Bring back "executed sql" in aggregate

Aggregates & Queries
on 27 Apr 2015
OutSystems 9
We are using the executed-sql heavily with the old simple queries.

- decision to move from simple to advanced
- juniors can learn better from those queries how to join etc.

but for some reason it was decided to kill the simple query and replace it with the aggregate.
which is not bad, it's looking great, but still, the executed sql will be a big miss.

Created on 6 Oct 2014
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6 Feb 2015
As I understand, this is about to be brought back in a future update of platform 9. See e.g. this thread. Although that comment from Rodrigo is from October, so I don't know how soon "soon" will be.
Soon is today :)
In Platform 9 Amsterdam Aggregates show the executed SQL. Take a peek:

28 Apr 2015
If I'm not mistaken, this was also the case in the version, right?