Rename Columns in RecordListToExcel widget

By André Vieira on 21 May 2010
It would be very helpful not only to select what columns from the recordlist are exported but also what are the names used for the headers with multilanguage support.
Fernando Sousa23 May 2010

When the source record list is an entity, Labels are used instead of Names, but when it is a structure, it is always Names that are used.

Also, when the source record list contains more than one entity, Labels are always prefixed with the entity's name, even when you are only exporting data of just one entity.
Carolina Bessa28 May 2010
This would be perfect! And lots of time the user asks for special header name.. And even for entities (that normally show the label),if it's a JOIN, the labels come with the alias...
João Carvalho2 Jun 2010
Thumbs up!

I've needed this more than once.