Highlight matching parentheses in Advanced Queries and Expressions

Service Studio
on 30 Sep 2016
OutSystems 9.1

When dealing with mathematical calculations or complex queries it's easy to lose track of parentheses.
Check the attached image for an example of highlighted parentheses on Notepad++.

Created on 21 May 2010
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29 Jun 2011
I've always wondered why this wasn't put in, really every source code editor has such functionality!
Romeu Azevedo
1 Sep 2011
I really wan´t to reenforce this idea because in the stage of quality performance and potencial that the platform has now this shoul really be implemented because the service studio is like an amazing IDE.
Sérgio Silva
15 Sep 2016

Hey guys!

I'm happy to announce that the upcoming release of 9 (and 10) will include this feature. Hope you like it and, as always, we're expecting your great feedback!



19 Sep 2016


6 Mar 2017

Hello guys,

I'm using the latest version of Service Studio P10, and this idea is not implemented in the Advanced SQL editor, but only in the Expression Editor.

It would be very nice to have this feature available for Advanced queries in a soon-to-be-released version, because, many times, we have to maintain badly formatted queries and/or complex queries.


Ricardo Reis

6 Mar 2017

Hi Ricardo,

I agree, but you'd better create a new idea for it, as this one's marked as Done.