Developer notes in actions and forms for change management.

On our radar
We can currently place comments in actions and forms, but it would be good to document a change and its reason so we have a change history.  Part of this would need to be an automatic change log (because developers are notoriously bad at recording changes) with the ability to annotate or generate a human made description.

It needs to record the developer, timestamp, subject, comment and potentially keywords or elements affected.  

For example:

Alan Developer: 1/1/1900 12:00 Encryption change (eSpace/ActionX) - Removed action to encrypt string using xzy_encrypt  and replaced with new improved abc_encrypt as per new security requirements.

Ideally we should be able to define a "form" that has spaces for particular site defined values needed.  For total (totalitarian?) control it might be good to allow an administrator to enforce this across all developers for particular changes especially functional changes.

Reason for this?  If a company needs to be say PCI compliant then developers have to document changes properly and there is a requirement for full audits of changes - being lazy I'd like the platform to be able to produce the documentation.  

I think this is different from check-in comments as it is an audit of change as it occurs in the code.
Created on 13 Nov 2014
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