Execution Plan and SQL code

By Viegas on 13 Nov 2014
This use case is for the developer persona.

With the cloud solution developers lack control of what's going on at the DB, i suggest making the execution plan and sql code available, maybe Lifetime will be a good place to put it.
Justin James14 Nov 2014
Execution Plan is an important part of determining if Indexes need to be added!

Kilian Hekhuis1 Jun 2015
Wouldn't it be technically difficult to extract the execution plan from the underlying database? Let alone that depending on what the db engine thinks is in the tables, the excution plan may vary from invocation to invocation!
Kilian Hekhuis1 Jun 2015
Mmm, sorry to necromance this idea, didn't see it's rather old.
Justin James1 Jun 2015
It's not hard to get the execution plan itself, but you are right that it does vary based on a variety of factors.

It would still be useful much of the time to see obvious things... like if you always search on an un-indexed field, that will always show as an issue.