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What if the London Theme was available as a LESS source file?  Then developers could quickly define the colors and fonts with the variables at the top of the source file and compile it to CSS.
Created on 18 Nov 2014
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Unofficial implementation of this idea: https://github.com/josh-austin/london-theme-custom
Hi Joshua,

Love the idea and even more that you wen and created the project in GIT!
Alternatively you can use the customize feature in the london theme site.

Do you agree we can mark this as implemented ;) ?
I would disagree mainly because the goals are different. The customizer site makes custom London themes based on colors from the image or website logo you choose. This is a very cool feature but doesn't let me enter a custom hex color code. My GitHub project covers the use case of developers wanting to enter the hex or RGB colors quickly.
I didn't mean this is implemented with the customization I ment your GitHub project ;)
My apologies.  Yes, I agree!  :)