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I find that when I load sample applications from the forge, Timesheets or Sales, I get a lot of sample data loaded.  It would be nice if there was an option to NOT install this sample data.  The option provided to delete the data never works.  It takes hours and hours to clean this data out of the database.

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Created on 21 Nov 2014
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Here's a faster way.  Create a dummy web screen and in the preparation add an Advanced Query widget.  No need to connect it to start or end.  Double-click on it to open the widget and for any sample entity write DELETE FROM {SampleEntity}.(be sure to include the curly braces) and then click the Test button on the bottom left.  Do this again for each entity.  You may run into referential integrity problems in which case you need to make sure you delete data from the child entities first.

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Thanks Curt but I think this is why it shouldn't be loaded in the first place.  Have you tried to clean up the 100+ users added with the Directory eSpace? 

Please, don't load the sample data on publish.  Make it an option.
I found that there is a flag in the Site Settings, which you can set to false, that will prevent the data from being loaded.  This is great if I was aware of it before.  Now that I know about it, I can change the flags to false in QA before I copy to PROD.