Create\Manage views from Service Studio

By Carlos Henriques on 5 Dec 2014
In the entities section of Service Studio we could create\manage views.
They could be defined like an Advanced query, and with the 1 click publish the platform would generate the view in the platform database. 

1) Don't need to create views directly in the DB Server to import them later with Integration Studio;
2) Changes to views would be easier and faster;
3) The views would be validated with the TrueChange technology, and any entity change would be identified;
4) Less errors;
Andrew Burgess8 Dec 2014
This would also help to remove "repeated" code in your applications. For example, if you have the concept of "customers with active subscriptions", you might need to use that to populate data for a list screen, but also as the basis for further queries in the business logic, such "customers with active subscriptions that are in arrears." Currently, the filters required for "customers with active subscriptions" would need defining twice. That's wasted effort, but is also a pain if the definition changes - it has to be fixed in many places.