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Hi everybody.

I don't know wheter this is an idea or a question, or maybe we don't know a tool exist for this situation.

We, at my company, are quite new working with Outsystems Platform. Some few days ago I did a minor upgrade from to version. Following the Upgrade Guide is a straightforward process but there is a point where things can become complicated: we have to republish every application and module manually, being specially carefull with dependencies.

I think it would be really nice that this process could be automated as a taks performed inside the platform.

What do you think?
Created on 31 Dec 2014
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1 Jan 2015
It would be nice if it was part of the upgrade process. After doing it once or twice it isn't too bad to just make the solution and re-publish it, but I agree that making it automatic (or an option to do it as part of the upgrade) would be great.