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Working on it
expected delivery in Q2 2018

On the community site, if we click on our login name on top we go to our profile page.

On the tab ideas, appears all the ideas that we suggested.

when i idea is marked as done it still appears on the list.

I can suggest some kind of  filter for that list to exclude by default the ideas that have been done. 

Like a status for something like on going ideas and ideas marked as done. Ideas that still "open" can appear as default.

Created on 31 Dec 2014
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Also it doesnt show the idea marked as done.
I also notice that on my profile, on this tab, in the bottom i had a pagination that wasnt working.

It could also show the total number of ideas on top of the table.
The pagination and total records could also be on top of the ideas list.
12 Mar

Changed the status to Working on it

We will be working on it very very soon!