[BUG] [ServiceStudio]  copy and paste "comment" in entity diagram

By - on 15 Jan 2015
As per title, there is a bug with the copy and paste feature for "comments" widgets in entity diagram
Kilian Hekhuis16 Jan 2015
Since comments can be copied freely, just like any other widget in Service Studio, what do you mean exactly?
-16 Jan 2015
Cut, Copy and paste comments features in most places! EXCEPT for in entity diagram.

In Entity Diagrams
There is "cut" but there is no "paste"  
There is "copy" feature copy does not do anything, nothing is copied to the clipboard, nor am I able to but "paste" 
(Paste is disable, therefore copy and paste doesnt work.)
J.16 Jan 2015
what is exactly the idea?

-16 Jan 2015
Unable to copy and paste comments via entity diagram.
-16 Jan 2015
It's more of a bug than a new feature idea... , since copy and paste feature has been implemented but it does not work!
Kilian Hekhuis19 Jan 2015
I see. This is indeed a bug then. Report it to OutSystems Support, I'd say!