Auto-refresh option after changing entity in producer eSpace

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All to often, we change some entity in a core eSpace (e.g. add an attribute, change an attribute's type, etc.), and we have to manually refresh all consumer eSpaces. It's quite a laborious task to manually open 20+ eSpaces, refresh references, and publish them. It would be swell if there was some automatic process for this (even though I appreciate this isn't easy to automate).
Created on 16 Jan 2015
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Hi Killian,
If you publish the "Current Running Version" of a solution all the espaces in that solution will be refreshed. There is no need to open each one of them individually. This is currently limited to the .Net stack.

That said, I'll leave this idea open, as I believe we can push it a bit harder to be more like "No need to re-publish all consumer modules after changing entity in producer espace".

Unless this behaviour has changed in platform 9, you are probably not understanding my use case. What I mean is that I make a change in an eSpace that, when refreshing references in the consumer eSpace shows up as an orange (instead of a blue) arrow, i.e. it is a "broken reference", you need to manually refresh that reference. Publishing the current solutuion doesn't suffice in this case.
Hmm... no, I'm actually talking about the orange ones (when you make a "breaking change" such as adding a new attribute, changing an action name, adding a parameter to an action, ...)
It's been there since version 6 if I remember correctly. Can you test it in your environment? Remember this behavior only applies when you click "Publish" on the Running version of the solution.

Ok, that's not something we are aware of at least, I'll ask our delivery manager to take a look at it. As far as I'm aware, we regularly have problems due to broken references / breaking changes when deploying a solution. I'l get back to you.

As for this idea, regardless of republishing the Current running version works, it would indeed be a huge improvement if there would be a better way to do this, so I'll take up on your suggestion to keep it open.