Improve the Structure Conversion tool

By Matthias Preuter on 27 Jan 2015

The new (v9) Conversion tool for mapping structures to one another, is a good improvement, but it would be great improvement when we could also use functions and variables in it.

Paulo Ferreira2 Feb 2015
I'm wondering what would be the expected behaviour, if you were converting Lists of Structures instead of Structures. In the particular scenario of CurrDateTime(), would you expect all the elements to have the exact same DateTime (given a big enough list)?
CurrDateTime is just a sample function, i want to have the ability to use variables and (user) functions in my mapping. Now you have only the attributes of the source entity.

Matthias Preuter24 Jun 2015
I want to have the ability to use variables and (user) functions, and expressions in my mapping.

Sample expression:

Record1.Value 1 = Record2.Value1 + "(" + ToUpper(Record2.Value2) + ")"
David Salvador6 Oct 2016


I'm happy to announce that your idea is already available on the last release of the OutSystems platform 10.

Thank you for your time and collaboration in making OutSystems platform better.