Dedicated page for bug tracking and view status of a backlog feature!

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Idea page is good, but also have a dedicated page to report bugs and view the status of a backlog feature!
  • Let your customers report bugs, and keep all customers informed about a bug status, is it a known bug? has the bug been verified? is it being fixed? when is it going to get fixed? etc 
  • Avoid customers reporting known bugs 
  • Backlog features should include features that are missing on the JAVA stack aswell, most customers dont know what features are missing in the JAVA stack until the JAVA stack edition is used for many months.  
  • Backlog features should also include features to be implemented for minor releases etc

Created on 28 Jan 2015
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30 Jan 2015
Transparency is against the agile-manifesto!

no wait... 

11 Feb 2015
A really usefull and real forum!