While loop in Actions

By Justin James on 13 Feb 2015
Because using an If statement is an easy way to create an infinite loop by mistake.

J.16 Feb 2015
yes, very much needed.

J.17 Feb 2015
On that note, it's been proposed very often in similar matters

Justin James17 Feb 2015
Sadly I suspect I posted at least a few of those...

Tiago Bernardo20 Feb 2015
The first idea (http://www.outsystems.com/ideas/173/new-improved-action-tools) has been proposed in 2010... how come it only has 16 likes (me included)?... Perhaps most outsystems developers don't feel the need of these tool action elements...
Indeed more tool action elements would leave the platform more expressive to code but also less "simpler".

I believe just the existence of a tool action element for a FOR loop, with a initialization, condition, and increment, would be suficient to handle most situations.
J.23 Feb 2015

imho, if you only create webpages and use sql propely there is almost no need for special for-loops.
However, when you are creating more batch-processing, converts and other BackOffice processes, the need for while-loops will increase.
In other words, it's the need for the 20% :)