"Find assignments" of a field or variable

By Igor Kirtak on 24 Feb 2015

There is "find usages" command, but often the case is that a field is used in many places, and you only need to find where it's assigned. I think usually assignment is much more rare, for example it's normal if a field is assigned in one place only, but read twenty times. So If you need to find out what sets it, you have to look through twenty occurences.

Justin James25 Feb 2015
Igor - Just sort the search results by the "Type" column or "Property" (I forget what it's called, don't have it on my screen), that will let you see all of the "Variable" assignments together.

Igor Kirtak25 Feb 2015
Justin, thanks for a hint. I have tried it, and yes, it seems that assignments are grouped where the "Property" says "Variable". Doesn't look very intuitive to me though.
Vasco Pessanha26 Dec 2017

Hi Igor,

There is a long tail of use cases of finding and the way we want to tackle them is give you a possibility of sorting and grouping them by property, type, element, etc.

I'll close this idea (you can already do this) and I'll keep another one related also to grouping by type of elements: