Full Support for HTML5

On our radar
I would like to see, perhaps in v6.0 (?), full support for HTML 5 in OutSystems applications.

For example:
  • providing client-side entities, for taking advantage of the Web Storage and Web SQL Database APIs;
  • Support for new form input types and microformats;
  • Support for font-face (embed fonts as eSpace resources?)
  • Native Audio, Vídeo and Canvas support
And much more?

Created on 25 May 2010
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I was thinking about the drag n drop possibility. Normally, when you drop 'something' 'somewhere' an action should be called. So, you have to specify where something can be dropped and the type of entity or entity attribute which can be dropped (which invokes the action). And you need to specify which element is dragable.

so.. perhaps there needs to be a 'dragable' checkbox which will create some jquery/javascript. and a checkbox 'dropable' and specifying the supported Entity/Structure which is connected to an action, like button.
well, this idea is really a concept:).
I think there area already components in the Forge to solve the first topic in this idea description and the drag'n'drop suggestion of Hans Dollen.
The Scrumboard component found here - http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/450/scrumboard/ - has drag and drop capabilities.  Even if the the application isn't relavent to you, looking to see how drag and drop is accomplish in that component should help.