[Service Studio] Check for newest service studio versions

By Luis Paulo Soares on 4 Mar 2015
It would be nice if we could have a option on service studio (on Help tab) to check for newer service studio versions and update the it to the newer version if exist.
When a new stable version is available, Service Studio informs you when you open it.

Yes i know. But if i skip it there is no way to upgrade it directly after i think.
João Santos6 Mar 2015
Yes, you can still upgrade after you chose 'Skip'.
Just go to the Downloads area on your http://www.outsystems.com/home/ and  download the new version.

Kilian Hekhuis9 Mar 2015
Most programs that allow an auto-update also allow manual check for a new version, and I don't think it hurts (or is technically difficult to add) to have it. +1
It could update when there is a new platform version
J.14 Apr 2015

but to add a special "check for updates" is a nice feature.