Page to see site properties of all eSpaces

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There should be a page in service center to show the site properties of all eSpaces. This way it would be easier to change properties of multiple eSpaces and also to find to which eSpace a property belonged.
Created on 25 May 2010
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7 May 2014
slightly update.

It should be possible to see all site.properties of an application in 1 page.
(instead clicking through all the espaces in the application)

It is easy to create it yourself, create list and edit screens for a simple query with the system entities
  • Site_Property_Definition
  • Site_Property_Shared
  • eSpace
  • App_Definition_Module
  • Application

8 May 2014
Matthias, that's True, however that is still a workaround. :)
16 May 2014
Well, I wouldn't call it a workaround. It's more like DIY :)