JavaScript editor + merging enhancements

On our radar
I think it would it would be beneficial to developers to be get some updates to the JavaScript editor. Something as simple as a syntax checker would be very useful, helping to prevent useless re-deployments for a missing semi-colon or curly bracket. Also, I've tried doing copy and paste from external tools, but the paste can be extremely slow for some reason, especially for large files. Maybe add the ability to directly use external tools such as Sublime Text or at least update the slow pasting?

Additionally, I think it would be great to have to the ability to do line by line merging of JavaScript. Right now you can only choose your's or the other version's ( or file's ). Most merging tools allow this kind of line by line decision making.
Created on 5 Mar 2015
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It also could have built in beautifier and minifier actions.

I really like the idea of line-by-line decision making when merging text content (javascript, css). Almost all concurrent & noteworthy diff tools have such feature.