Search Filter for Ideas

By Tiago Neves on 6 Mar 2015
Sorry guys, but I have to be honest: Ideas are a mess!

Why can't I search an Idea? If I have an Idea, I want to search if someone else have added it before and give it a Like and/or Comment.

Or simply get a feeling of which Ideas are out there regarding Web Blocks or Simple Queries or whatever...

It would improve the experience.
Justin James6 Mar 2015
The search in the top-right of the screen searches Ideas. Just do your search and you can then narrow it down to "Ideas" (or "Forge", etc.).

Tiago Neves9 Mar 2015
You are right Justin. Shame on me.
Putting myself on the users shoes, anyway, this is not intuitive... If I search from the Ideas page I should be redirected to a search result with "Ideas" tab being shown, not the "All" tab.

The same happens with the forum. So many times I want to search for a topic and I get the "All" tab. I've clicked hundreds of times in the "Forums" tab because that's what I was looking for in the first place...
Tiago Neves16 Mar 2015
Anyway I believe Search has much to improve, as we could search Ideas based on the topic/tag which doesn't exist... only in forums. We can't search just the Ideas that have been implemented: "Done".

These are to me basic choices for a search, considering that there are now hundreds of Ideas already. It wouldn't add much complexity and is fairly easy to implement.
If this helps improve feedback/Ideas from the users, then OutSytems can gain also, which means all of us.