[Techcenter] Sorting components

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on 07 May 2018

Add sorting / find to the components section in Techcenter

Now I've to browse several pages to find a component

Created on 26 Apr 2010
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I believe the find component is already covered for.
  • TechCenter
  • enter "Enterprise Manager" in the search bar
  • Click Search
  • Click components (below search bar)
Adding a grouping to the components would be also very nice.
When I search for "User management module" I would expect to end-up with the Enterprise Manager module.
27 Apr 2010

+1 for grouping :)

Outsystems could create a number of default groups to which the uploader could assing the extension. (for example IO, Math, Mail, Graphics etc)

Joop Stringer
28 Jul 2010
Make different views like the windows file explorer:
- details
- small icons
- tiles

And please please get me the sorting on name.
I have to browse through all components. Searching is not the option.
Joop Stringer
22 Jun 2011
I've noticed this is done :-)

Thanks guys !!
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on 07 May 2018

Just to close it