Time: remove seconds (or format strings)

By Carlos Henriques on 13 Mar 2015
The functions DateTimeToTime() and\or FormatTime() could have an optional argument to hide the seconds from the time.

Transform this:

Into this:

Or, Service Studio could use format strings:

Replace this function:
FormatTime(value, time_separator)

With this:
FormatTime(value, format_string)

Ex.:  FormatTime(#2015-03-13 09:30:00#, "HH:mm")

This would return just "09:30"

For reference:
Kilian Hekhuis13 Mar 2015
That could indeed be useful. We've created a wrapper around the .NET date/time (and other) formating in an exension, but having it natively would be preferable.
Carlos Henriques16 Mar 2015
That was what I also did, but a built in function would be a better solution.