Allow Search in Service Studio to specify Elements (eg. SQL, Raise Error)

By Tiago Neves on 17 Mar 2015
I was looking for a way to get from Service Studio search a list of all the SQL advanced queries elements in the eSpace or Aggregates or Raise Error elements for that matter.
I would like to review the SQL's in an eSpace and don't want to leave one out... There is no way of achieving this.

Basically, just add a list filter on Search which would allow the developer to select All elements or just a specific group (eg. SQL, Assign, Raise Error, etc...)

Justin James18 Mar 2015
You can currently sort the results to make it easier to narrow down... but I'd still like to filter it. Especially useful if you can filter by type with no query... like finding all Entries!

Tiago Neves18 Mar 2015
Exactly James. That's the usage I would like to have also.