ToDo /Task List Feature for Service Studio

On our radar

The idea is to have a Todo Tab on the right pane, where developers can maintain a list of todo items (taks) for a particular module.

Right now there are comments which have the same functionality, but it would be better if there's a list that can be easily accessed.

Also, the todo items and comments can be separate i.e. Todo is a task item, and Comment is just a comment.

Each developer could maintain their own items and also a global Todo list for the team. Todo items could also be linked to Webscreens & actions, i.e. clicking on a todo item would link it to an appropriate webscreen or action.

I realise that Todo items should be maintained in a separate Project Management tool, but my justification for having this feature built inside Service Studio is that: this  feature will improve developert productivity

Created on 29 Mar 2015
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