Assign the result of a simple query to a variable/parameter with different structure

Aggregates & Queries
on 30 Sep 2016
OutSystems 9.1

Specially when we are integrating with other systems we need to create an structure to send just 2 attributes of our Entity, and in those cases we need to design an advanced query instead of doing a simple query to retrieve that 2 attributes.

Created on 26 May 2010
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27 Aug 2011
Hmmm, this makes me question of when is that "intelligence" of the compiler working.

I question this because there are some situations when the compiler analyses the use of the query outputs, and builds the query with only the needed attribute.
(Or i have i seen this in a dream? )
6 Oct 2016


I'm happy to announce that your idea is already available on the last release of the OutSystems platform 10.

Thank you for your time and collaboration in making OutSystems platform better.