On Before Request and On After Response support in SOAP Webservices

By Matthias Preuter on 2 Apr 2015
It would be great to have these events in a SOAP webservice also, so we could also manipulate Headers and RequestText of the SOAP Message.

Kilian Hekhuis10 Apr 2015
+1. Not to mention so we can just log the XML, instead of having to rely on a SOAP logging extension or the like. It would also be cool if there was a similar action for receiving SOAP and REST (Amsterdam version), so we could inspect the raw incoming data.
Remco Dekkinga20 Aug 2015
Just to add for a complete overview: It is now impossible to set a field to optional / mandatory. This should be fixed by default or it should be possible to overide the default behavior in the OnBeforeRequest or OnAfterResponse to set the correct values.

See the manual: https://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/9.0/Integrating_with_other_systems/Web_Services/OutSystems_Data_Types_to_XML_Data_Types.htm

I would like to see that Outsystems fixes the SOAP Webservices with the default behavior or adds the OnBeforeRequest / OnAfterResponse.