Ignore actionflow grid snap-on by holding a hotkey.

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Sometimes the placement of the blocks on the grid goes wrong, and the block ends up unaligned (by a few pixels). You can't realig them with the rest unless you delete the block and place a new one. Therefore, moving the blocks across the grid in smaller increments (by holding a hotkey while moving), or auto aligning the blocks on the grid through a hotkey would be a good addition.
Created on 26 May 2010
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Think what you mean is a 'bug'. If the widget in the flow is a few pixels off compered to the rest and you can't get it right you must go to another action and then go back.

Now you''re flow is alignd properly.

If you want to past something in you're flow and need more space you can use holding ctr-shift click on the top and all the widgets below are selected so you can move them all down.