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OutSystem engineers are often replying to forum posts, and most of them I know by now. But for newcomers, and in case a lesser known engineer stops by, it would be very useful if next to their name there would be an indication (e.g. the OutSystems logo) to show this is someone from OutSystems.
Created on 13 Apr 2015
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13 Apr 2015
According to Davide Marquês from Outsystems:

Expertise isn't associated with working for OutSystems so we decided to drop the badge* and just show off someone's rank. Well... that and our newbies would shy out from participating because the badge made their answer "sound official".

*still visible on the profile page though :)

I once asked about this in this topic: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/9750/the-new-community-site/
13 Apr 2015
Hi Joao, thanks for linking to that. I don't agree with Davide thought, quite often OutSystem staff is replying in a more or less "official" capacity, and it's useful to see when they do so.
13 Apr 2015
I agree with you Kilian... but the powers that be don't.
13 Apr 2015
Well, if this idea garners enough attention, maybe they'll change their mind :).
14 Apr 2015
I can see both sides of this I understand why they removed it, but I found it helpful... I often go to a poster's profile to see who they work for anyways, because I'd like to know if they work for OutSystems or not. So I think this is a good idea!

20 Apr 2015
I'm with Justin, when someone post a message, I often click on that person's name to check for additional details..

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