Allow dot as a separator in Service Center -> Environment -> Date Format

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In the current version of the Service Center you can only choose date formats with '/' and '-' as separators.
I would like to be able to set the date format of my environment to DD.MM.YYYY
Created on 14 Apr 2015
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I would like to see this be free-form. I'd also like to see tenant-specific formats because different tenants may be in different countries that use different formats.

I agree with Justin.  If any improvements are made in this area a lot more flexibility needs to be provided.  Here's a link with some of the date formats used in SQL - https://www.sql-server-helper.com/tips/date-formats.aspx
The link is bad in the previous post and I can't edit it (which I never noticed before - someone should fix that) so you have to copy and paste the link into the browser address line.
(Meta @Curt: why can't you edit it? have you clicked the "Source" button and tried to edit from there?)

As for the idea, + 1. Some flexibility should be allowed.