Green Aggregate (for in memory lists)

By Nuno Guedes on 21 Apr 2015
Currently we don't have any strongly typed way to manipulate lists, and it would be a boost in productivity in many scenarious, if the platform supports these operations out of the box and strongly typed.

To acheive this, it would be nice to have a "Green Aggregate" that receives a list, calculates automaticaly the source structures/attributes based on the input list, and allows to do operations like MAX, MIN, GROUP BY, Sorting and Filtering.
This kind of aggregate wold behaviour just like the actual aggregate does for database entities, except that joins would not make sense in this case.
Matthias Preuter22 Apr 2015
Kilian Hekhuis22 Apr 2015
Also, joins could make sense, when the structure in the list has a foreign key attribute to a static entity.