New version of Service Center

By Carlos Henriques on 28 Apr 2015
Service Center needs a new version with a new template.
It needs a facelift with a responsive template, and many areas need a complete rewrite.

- The current home (dashboard) is old and useless
- Monitoring \ Logs need performance improvements, more filters and more info.
- The Processes area inside Monitoring should be moved to it's own section and improved

All screens need to be rethinked and updated.

J.28 Apr 2015
Yup, could have some loving :)

Justin James29 Apr 2015
Very important (to me!): the links on the tabs at the top should ALL be "Navigation" type so "Open in New Tab" works right. Very important when trying to solve problems!

Also... ALL of the filters in the "Monitoring" section need *separate* Session variables for the filter. It is a big problem to go to "General" from "Error" and have the same search applied, for example, especially when the search is no good.

Most importantly, the search queries in logs desperately need to be improved. They time out far too often in a hevy volume production environment because the queries are very sub-optimal.

J.29 Apr 2015
and consistency in the filters. Why can I filter on applications only in general yet not in the errors.