Find usages in all espaces for static entity records

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Static entities are like constants, and they can be used in many eSpaces. Unfortunately there is no way to look for usages of a particular record in all eSpaces, although there is possiblity to find usages inside current eSpace only.

For example, we have an entity of shared translations, which contains many many records and is referenced everywhere. If we want to clean it, suspecting that some of the records are not used, or to remove duplicates, it's very hard to check the usages. Or, another case, if you want to find where the record (constant) is used to investigate the logic. Would be great if this was possible.

Created on 30 Apr 2015
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This would be awesome!

This would be awesome!

Agree. This would be great/awesome

Agree. Let's go for it

What are they waiting for?! Just do it!