Please add an "ADMIN" type of Entity

By Allen Witters on 6 May 2015
I clearly understand the Static and Dynamic nature of the entities, and their purposes. I would love to see a new class of Entitity that is for back-office configurations, lookups, etc.  This entity would keep its data much like a Static Entity when moving from environment to environment, but is only editable by designated Admin Apps, readable by others.

I am new to OSP, so if I am missing something call me an idiot, and then show me the way :)

Pedro Cardoso10 May 2015
Hello Allen,

can you provide an example for such usage. I feel that what you need is covered... but not sure...
Allen Witters14 May 2015
We have several back-office type tables where some of the fields we put data in and then the client can add definitions that they use.  This data is needed in Dev, QA, and in Production, if we could flag these types of Entities/attributes as Admin/Backoffice, then we do not have to repeat data input from environement to environment, they cannot be static entities.  

If you think it is covered please point me in the correct direction.

thank You, 
Allen Witters29 May 2015
We also a have a slew of images that if we couldbootstrap would be nice also