ECT feedback

By Salil Agrahari on 7 May 2015
I am using ECT feedback feature onversion 9 ( and have below ideas if that can be accomodated:

Idea#1. to get all feedback exported to excel so that they can be shared to developer.
Idear#2. receive an email notification whenever new feedback submitted.

João Melo8 May 2015
One other status would be fine too: Waiting test
Pedro Cardoso10 May 2015

with version 9, when using OutSystems Now, we can get feedback that is not text. Users can provide feedback using voice. Those wouldn't be exported and the list wouldn't be complete.

Would you consider on integrating with other tools?
Gavin Horne21 May 2015
I'd like to integrate with Asana.  What would be required to send feedback to Asana via the API?