A new button "Delete ALL Old Versions of eSpaces" in service center

By Ricardo Araújo on 26 May 2010
A new button "Delete ALL Old Versions of eSpaces" in service center
Hermínio Mira26 May 2010

What I would also like is to be able to delete old versions of a single eSpace, so I would select the time (1month) and the eSpace.
J.26 May 2010
yes.... clear yes
João Rodrigues27 May 2010

I think it would also be nice to be able to set a specific version of an espace as "not to be deleted". That way we could preserve landmark versions and delete all others.
Jupke27 May 2010
The ability to comment on releases would als be usefull.
Fernando Sousa27 May 2010
There is a feature in Service Center that allows you to delete old versions of all eSpaces.

Unfortunatly, it isn't possible to specify the eSpace you want, and you can't either unckeck versions that have been selected to be removed.
Ricardo Araújo27 May 2010

but that feature will list versions of all espaces, but wont let you delete ALL in once, you have to do it page by page.

Usually in big factories you can have up to 6 pages to delete
Tiago Bernardo16 Jul 2010
The all process of managing/deleting old espace versions should be revised to enhance and simplify this task.
Tiago Bernardo16 Jul 2010
Has anyone got the error "not enough space on disk" when publishing an espace?... Deleting old versions of that espace would be so usefull.