Persistent Screen Variables (per User)

On our radar
It will be great to have the option to mark a screen variable as persistent (even between sessions).

This would be very usefull for filters and user interface customization.
Created on 19 May 2015
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how would that work?

for example, we have a variable we use for the background-color.

Person X logs in, changes it to green.
Person Y logs in, sees screen is green, changes it to black.
next day:
Person X logs in, screen is black, cry havoc, changes it to green!
Person Y logs in, sees screen is green, changes it to black.

Maybe I made it more confusing by saying "even between sessions" but the idea is that the variables values are user dependent. Each user has its own set.
So, taking in account your example:
The Person X changes it to green and next time it sees it green.
The Person Y changes it to black and next time it sees it black.
Currently you can achieve the same idea by storing the variables values on a Entity that has: VariableName(Text), Value(Text), UserId.
During the preparation you query that entity and you load the variable value to the right screen variable (making the right type conversions).