Have to possibility to delete old espace/tables/attribute 'meta data' from the system tables

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Hi all,

With version 9.0 we know have the DBCleaner API, It's nice but it can be better.

The DBCleander API's deletes the DB information (old tables/attirbutes) but it doesn't delete the espace/table/attribute information that exist in the Espace, Entity, Entity_Attr systems tables. Would be nice if that information would also be deleted.

So when I have an eSpace X which I delete from the platform, I can delete those tables in the database but there are still records of eSpace X in the Espace, Entity, Entity_Attr systems tables. Only this information is defined as inactive. When I delete an eSpace, I would like that all related data/information for that eSpace is also deleted.

So would be nice if the DBCleaner API's are extend with action to delete this 'meta data'.

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Created on 19 May 2015
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