Currency Fields in Environment Configuration

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On our radar
I think there should be the possibility to define extra application defaults in the Service Center >   Administration > Environment Configuration
Currently you can define the Date Format and the rest has to be done in the Site Properties.
In my opinion the following should also be included in the  Environment Configuration:
  • Currency
  • Decimal Separator 
  • Group Separator
  • etc

Created on 20 May 2015
Comments (2)
How could I have missed this :)

I agree it should be somewhere else instead of the espace.
The same goes for the web-validation messages.

I am not sure if environment-configuration is the right place, but at least on application/tenant-level.

What about multi-lingual sites? We've had problems in the past with conversions of dates and displaying/parsing them. Could be environment based. But should be overridable, on site variable/action base.