Filter search option

By carl ruhle on 20 May 2015

When we make a search on the platform it would be great if we could filter on the type of action we want.

See the 1 on the image.

Let's say that I want to find only on the assign action same word I cannot do that.
If I wanted to search for TRUE on an assign expression, the platform will search on everything witch is not good enough.

I hope that I explained it well enough.
J.20 May 2015
I understand it.

Well, at least you can sort the result, so that could help a bit.
But in general the search could be improved.
carl ruhle21 May 2015
Even sorting is not enough, I had a problem that was: there was an condition (if statement) where it was allways true, and when I made a search it returned more than 1800 occurences, you can imagine the time I lost to find the little bug ..
Tiago Neves21 May 2015
This seems basically the same as this other idea.

Allow Search in Service Studio to specify Elements (eg. SQL, Raise Error):