A filter on the Community, Help, Forge, etc.... PLEASE! Pretty... Please... with a cherry on top!!!!

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I would like to only be able to see items pertinant to my current platform level, I have ZERO need for information or widgets that work on 4.0, since I do not run 8.0 to be able to convert them to my environement.  It seems I spend 30% of my time filtering by reading everything and it does not apply.   Albeit, I would still like to dust-off once in a while anceint history if I get really bored or in dire need of some arcane historical methodology.
Created on 22 May 2015
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26 May 2015
I prefer sugar on top, but yes, I agree.

Especially searching on topics it will end up with the "oldest" entries first.
I mean, common, posts from 2008 are less relevant than 2015 ones!