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If I want to build a list, the typical way is to have a structure and a list of that structure as local variables, assign the structure attributes, do a ListAppend. so the variable of type structure (or, pre 9, record of that structure) is only used for doing the ListAppend. It would be nice if we had a ListAppend that accepts a list as parameter, then based on the type of that list shows the attributes (or single value in case of a list of basic types). This saves a local variable (and possible clearing of it in a loop). For the developer, this would be a bit like the new platform 9 ListAppendAll, in which it is possible to append a list to another list of different type, specifying conversion. In this case it wouldn't be a conversion, but the actual assignments, though the user interface would look the same.
Created on 29 May 2015
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If I understand correctly, that use case is working already. If you append a structure/entity/record whose attributes don't match the List argument, the Element argument should have an inline conversion expanded below, just like in ListAppendAll.

(In this example, SimpleUser is a Structure with two attributes, Name and Phone)
What I propose is not adding a record like ListAppend, but specifying the value for each of the attributes.
Okay, I think I understand the distinction you are making. Thanks!