Improve the Menu management usability

On our radar
The menu web block usability could have some improvements.
Sometimes its hard to drag and drop a page and understand if it will create a MenuItem or a SubMenuItem.

We could have a more advanced screen (like Aggregates?) with context buttons to directly add a new MenuItem or a new SubMenuItem,

It also should be possible to define the menu with existing MenuItem\SubMenuItem records, instead of web screens.
Created on 29 May 2015
Comments (3)
It needs to be made smarter and less static.

I never understood why it's in a theme, you almost create automatically a cyclic reference.

The drag and drop is so challenging to me I just create one menu item and them copy and paste new ones using the component view (<>).  In addition to the other ideas, having something that was role based would be a huge improvement for the types of things I'm working on.  For example, select a menu item and in the properties list the roles in the same way that is done for web screens.
We really need this, apply roles to menu items, which will be shown or hidden according.