True change and high level modeling of CSS and Javascript

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One of the coolest and most powerful features of the OutSystems platform is the TrueChange engine, that constantly validates the coherence of the applications model. It would be great to have this validation and modelling features at the CSS and Javascript levels. Imagine... You are using a style that no longer exists - service studio issues a warning. You have a javascript function with a syntactic mistake - Service Studio issues an error.
Created on 27 May 2010
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do want good javascript intellisense
Although I like it, it would be very tough to incorporate it properly.

Imho it's tougher to implement it than the actual advantage of it.

that said, we could have some improvements

That's true, Joost. I know it is for sure hard to implement and I agree that small incremental improvements would be the way to go here.

In fact, what I truly believe is that the right way to go is to minimize the amount of Javascript and CSS _code_ that we have to use.

The built-in Ajax features in the platform are a great example of this! Rich behavior with no Javascript or CSS.
Glad to know that both of you care about flexibility and change time :).

Javascript is indeed something to use properly so  that  you don't loose TrueChange and all the capabilities behind it.
I wanted to add the idea about JavaScript syntax coloring/checking but I think this idea incorporates that somehow.

The syntax coloring/checking itself is rather easy. The problems will lay around the dynamic, non-javascript stuff (images, urls, styles, etc.).
But, coming to think about that, that's probably just checking the DOM relations in a pro-active manner.
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Display CSS warning when 
  • Style has been applied in an control property
  • Style tag is missing
  • Style tag has been created but never used.

Ability to turn on/off warnings.

Merged from '[Service Studio] New CSS warning!' (idea created on 2010-06-08 09:48:07 by Robert), on 2011-03-26 16:34:18 by Rodrigo Castelo

A lot of these requirements have been included in OutSystems 10. Some more details at the Release Notes.

But we will keep this idea open... There's a lot that can still be done around this - we're tackling the most relevant ones that we've seen having most impact in a lot of applications