Default value for entity should give suggestions

By Hakan Yakali on 11 Jun 2015
Hi Greatsystems

I just created an attribute for an entity called UpdatedOn and I want to set it to current date.
I tried all sorts of searches but I couldn't find any example.
Now, while wathcing training videos I saw CurrDate() function..
Then I realize, know how you make things so easy, why was this one so difficult.
My suggestion would be that when I am in an attribute's "Default value" field,
I should get relevant functions for it when I press Ctrl+Space.
If it is a date, for instance I should get CurrDate() and other date returning functions.
If is a time stamp, I should get CurrDateTime() ???

Or at least give expression editing screen (the pop up)..

What do you think?

Thanks again

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