Use functions in the record auto conversion

By Carlos Sousa on 15 Jun 2015
In P9, you can attribute one record to another and when having different types you can make a match of the fields.

It would be nice that match to allow the use of functions:


Record1.Value 1 = Record2.Value1 + "(" + ToUpper(Record2.Value2) + ")"
Kilian Hekhuis24 Jun 2015
I was sure I've already created this Idea, but I can't find it, so thumbs up with this one. I can totally understand why it's very difficult to implement such a conversion, but it would be useful nonetheless :).
Matthias Preuter24 Jun 2015
Same as this Idea
Kilian Hekhuis24 Jun 2015
Indeed! I recall discussing it, so I thought I had made it, but it was you :).