{Wish}  I had a global refresh button and publish all button

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It would be nice to have a quick way to refresh all my references and publish them from Service Studio.....  I am dying of a million mouse clicks :) click...click...click...
Created on 23 Jun 2015
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24 Jun 2015
Hi Allen,

Thats true, if your espace has multiple consumer you need update the refrnec for all and publish them in order to get the latest functionality.

There is one thing which can atleast reduce the number of click , if espace consumers are also open in the service studio tab then after publshing the producer espace you can refresh all your open consumer to get the latest refrence.

In produce espace under espace menu you will have an option to "Refresh All Open Consumer" . This link only be enable if there is atleast one consumer is opened in same service studio tab.Clicking on this link will update the refrence and you only need to publish them.