{Wish} I wish I had a Junk-Box

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I would like to have a Junk-Box to put Logic Trees, Entities, Variable Etc, that are not part of the E-Space but always available to me...

I Wish!
Created on 23 Jun 2015
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I am not sure what you want.

But why not create a seperate espace and place them there?
Agreed with J , create a separete espace withot any webscreen and use it like an class liberary.
Well then, looks like I will have an E-Space named Junk-box, thanks guys, I will see how that works...
So, is there a trick to having null references for everything?
Do u mean to  have an espace just with logic and no default refrence like Rich Widget ,system etc?
yes, so when I have a complex piece of logic, it is NOT associated to anything, a permanent clipboard per se.  And it should be able to hold any type of OSP object, without reference to anything anywhere.....A Box of Junk parts that you can flip in without having to remeber where some arcane logic is buried in an E-Space...
I would like a cheat sheet . Somewhere within the ide i save useful logic I use repeatedly as a Outsystem Developer.

For example switch statement for error handling
For example For Each Loop handling

Tried pasting the clipboard to a text file as that would have been a simple solution.