Solution Release notes - Text based compare to support it

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Often we need to create release notes or capture the differences between eSpaces or Solution versions.
If we could have a structured text based version of the compare and merge we could edit that to ensure that we don't miss anything and it would reduce the required work to produce release notes.
Created on 27 May 2010
Comments (2)

Nuno, is this similar to Check-in comments, (the automatic feature) or were you only thinking about exporting the Compare & Merge output from Service Studio?
If you merge the two ideas together, automatically listing the changes and the ability to store comments with the version, yes.

Yet the idea here was to facilitate the creation of the release notes, even because often releases notes are managed outside of the Agile Platform, by operation support groups who are responsible for "Release Management". I've been on projects where that was exactly the way we would prepare a new release to production:
  1. Open eSpaces from Prod
  2. Compare them with the Release Candidate version
  3. Collect and write down the changes, assign the release number
  4. Publish them in production
Step 2 and 3 were always time consuming.

Thank you for your comments!