Conditional OnChange

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Sometimes we don't need always to execute OnChange Action.

My ideia is to have a 'Execute' boolean condition at OnChange destination. Similiar to 'Visible' and 'Enabled' properties.

Created on 6 Jul 2015
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6 Jul 2015
What would be the use case?

I mean, it would be on serverside anyways, so do you want to prevent the rendering of the onChange-javascript and thus saving a mini-roundtrip?

6 Jul 2015
In my case, if you have a dynamic form with inputs being configured in Back Office (Data types, dependencies, RegEx, mandatory, length etc), some of them don't need any server side action to validate RegEx or refresh dependencies.
If you have 20 fields by form and 10 forms submitted by minute you may have potentially 200 unnecessary web requests by minute or 12k by hour.